The AMIS Crop Monitor Report and Early Warning Crop Monitor Report for September 2016 have been published.
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Conditions at a Glance as of August 28th, 2016



In the northern hemisphere overall wheat prospects remain good. The winter wheat season is drawing to a close and spring wheat harvest is ongoing under good conditions. In the southern hemisphere conditions are favourable.


In the northern hemisphere overall conditions and prospects remain good. With the exception of China and Canada, an average to above average crop is expected in the main producing countries. In the southern hemisphere the season is drawing to a close. In Brazil overall condition and production prospects are significantly reduced due dry conditions and high temperatures. In Argentina prospects remain favorable.


Overall rice conditions have improved in Southeast Asia owing to good rainfall. However, concern remains over the wet season rice in Thailand, and southern Viet Nam. In China, conditions are below average due to high temperatures in Lower Yangtze, and heavy rainfall in the south.


In the northern hemisphere conditions remain generally favourable with a good crop expected in the US despite recent flooding in some regions. In the southern hemisphere, the season has completed in Argentina with near record production.
Early Warning

Southern Africa

The region is largely out of season with the exception of wheat, which remains in good condition in South Africa. However, the humanitarian crisis continues as a result of the severe drought and resulting crop failures earlier this year due to El NiƱo. In response, multiple regional appeals and action plannings were launched in July and August.

East Africa

Conditions in the major producing regions are mostly favourable. However, concerns remain over large areas in the region due to dry conditions affecting northern and Coastal Kenya, Uganda, Burundi and Central Ethiopia, and due to civil unrest and wet conditions in South Sudan. The main growing season is drawing to a close in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, South Sudan and Somalia.

West Africa

Overall conditions remain favourable throughout the region owing to adequate moisture levels as the main season draws to a close.

Southeast Asia

Overall conditions for wet season rice improved over the last month, however concern remains due to dry conditions over parts of Thailand and Vietnam.

Southwest Asia

Conditions are favourable across the region as the season draws to a close with good wheat prospects across the region. However, concern remains due to tensions in Afghanistan.

Central America & Caribbean

Maize conditions improved across much of Central America owing to good rainfall. Concern remains in southern Honduras and southern Nicaragua due to a delayed start of season and irregular rainfall.


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